worst state in America for retirees

New York has a high cost of living, including housing, taxes, and healthcare expenses. Retirees may find it difficult to afford the expenses associated with living in the state.

New York

California is known for its expensive housing market, high taxes, and overall high cost of living. These factors can make it challenging for retirees to manage their finances effectively.


Illinois faces financial challenges, including pension issues, which can impact the overall economic stability of the state. Additionally, high taxes and a high cost of living can pose difficulties for retirees.


Connecticut has high taxes, particularly in terms of property taxes, which can be burdensome for retirees. The state also has a relatively high cost of living, making it challenging to manage expenses on a fixed income.


Rhode Island has above-average taxes, including property taxes, which can be a significant financial burden for retirees. The relatively high cost of living further adds to the challenges.

Rhode Island

New Jersey is known for its high property taxes, which can put a strain on retirees' finances. The overall cost of living and tax burden in the state can make it a difficult place for retirees to sustain their lifestyle.

New Jersey

Massachusetts has a high cost of living, including housing expenses, healthcare costs, and taxes. Retirees may find it challenging to manage their budget effectively in this state.


Vermont's cold climate may not be appealing to all retirees. Additionally, the state has a high cost of living and above-average taxes, making it a less favorable choice for some individuals.