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The 9 Best Whiskey Bars in America for 2023

Jack Rose Dining Saloon - Washington, D.C.: – Known for an extensive whiskey collection with over 2,500 bottles.

Canon - Seattle, Washington: – Renowned for its vast and creative whiskey selection.

Seven Grand - Los Angeles, California: – A whiskey lover's paradise with a diverse selection and knowledgeable staff.

The Flatiron Room - New York City, New York: – A classy establishment with a curated whiskey list and live jazz.

Bourbon & Branch - San Francisco, California: – A speakeasy-style bar with a focus on high-quality bourbons.

Char No. 4 - Brooklyn, New York: – Known for its Southern-inspired cuisine and an impressive bourbon list.

The Silver Dollar - Louisville, Kentucky: – Located in the heart of bourbon country, offering an extensive bourbon menu.

Multnomah Whisk{e}y Library - Portland, Oregon: – Famous for its library-like ambiance and an extensive whiskey collection.