9 Things Gen-Z And Millennials Don't Know About The 70s and 80s

 Dial-up Internet: There was no high-speed internet; people connected to the web using dial-up modems, accompanied by distinctive connecting sounds.

Mixtapes and Walkmans: Creating mixtapes from radio songs and playing them on Walkmans was how people curated and enjoyed portable music.

Video Rental Stores: Blockbuster and local video stores were the go-to for renting movies, complete with late fees and the challenge of choosing from limited selections.

Rotary Phones: Phones had rotary dials, and making a call required spinning the dial for each digit. No texting or touchscreens.

Cassette Rewinding Woes: Rewinding cassette tapes with pencils or fingers to fix tangled or loose tape was a common inconvenience.

TV Antennas: Adjusting antennas for better TV reception was a regular task, and the limited channels required physically turning the dial on the TV.

Encyclopedias for Information: Research involved flipping through encyclopedias for information, as Google and online databases were nonexistent.

Arcade Gaming: Video game enthusiasts went to arcades to play popular games like Pac-Man and Space Invaders, as home gaming consoles were in their early stages.