19 of the Most Perilous Small Towns in America, Places to Avoid at All Costs

Camden, New Jersey: Camden is known for its struggles with crime and poverty, but it's also home to revitalization efforts and passionate locals working for positive change.

East St. Louis, Illinois: While East St. Louis faces economic difficulties, it has a rich history and resilient community members who are striving to improve their town.

Gary, Indiana: Gary has faced economic hardships, but it has a cultural heritage and a determined population looking toward the future.

Detroit, Michigan: Detroit's reputation for crime can overshadow its vibrant arts scene and revitalization efforts in recent years.

St. Louis, Missouri: St. Louis faces crime issues, but it also boasts beautiful parks and a rich history.

Memphis, Tennessee: Memphis has areas with high crime rates, but it's also known for its music and delicious barbecue.

 Baltimore, Maryland: While Baltimore has faced challenges, it's a city with a rich maritime history and vibrant neighborhoods.

Oakland, California: High crime rates in parts of Oakland shouldn't deter you from exploring its diverse neighborhoods and cultural attractions.