The Worst Fast-Food Fish Sandwiches

McDonald's - McFish: A simple, basic fish sandwich that may lack the flavor complexity of other options.

Burger King - Big Fish Sandwich: Some find the texture of the fish patty to be less appealing.

Wendy's - Premium Cod Fillet Sandwich: While popular, it may not be as flavorful as other choices.

KFC - Fish Sandwich: Known more for their chicken, KFC's fish sandwich might not meet the same standards.

Taco Bell - Fish Taco: Not a traditional fish sandwich, and it may not satisfy those looking for a classic option

Sonic - Fish Sandwich: Some customers find the quality of the fish patty to be average.

Jack in the Box - Fish Sandwich: Perceived by some as less flavorful compared to other offerings.

White Castle - Fish Slider: These mini sandwiches might not be as substantial as larger options.