10 McDonald's Restaurants We'll Never Eat At Again

A shooting incident at this McDonald's highlighted safety concerns and crime risks associated with certain locations.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

Political tensions led to protests and boycotts against McDonald's, seen as a symbol of Western influence.

Moscow, Russia 

Economic turmoil led to anti-McDonald's sentiment, as protesters blamed global corporations for Greece's financial crisis.

Athens, Greece

Protests near this McDonald's were part of broader civil unrest following the shooting of Michael Brown.

Ferguson, Missouri, USA 

Protests surrounded a McDonald's near the Louvre, symbolizing resistance against American culture invading French traditions.

Paris, France 

Cultural resistance and local food preferences led to the failure of McDonald's in Bolivia within a decade.


Economic challenges played a role in closing the McDonald's in Iceland, highlighting the impact of local economic conditions.


A food safety incident involving expired chicken raised concerns about hygiene and quality standards.

Hong Kong